Predict behaviour, convert leads


We offer a platform and services to help you identifying leads and converting them into fans and loyal customers.

We marry any data and content to provide you with the best insights and 360-degree customer profiles. Let us send your content at the right moment to your customers with built-in event driven campaign managers. Regardless the preferred channel.

Get access to advanced and AI models to predict any phase of your customer’s journey and become extremely relevant.

Let us help you to understand your customer’s journey, to generate leads and convert them into fans and loyal customers.



We are where your customers are

We use our LEFT Connect data orchestration platform to be where your customers are. Regardless the channel or touch point.

We can connect any channel, touch point, app or bot. Or enable our built in campaign manager, gamification, smart contracts or loyalty rewarding engine to help you engage with your leads and customers.

Define nano clusters or use smart contracts for 1:1 advertising and targeting.

LEFT Connect is GDPR compliant.



Predictive marketing is not as easy at it seems. We make predictive marketing accessible for everyone.

We remove the barriers of data science and fast data infrastructures. Marketers benefit of the knowledge and success of our experienced data stack engineers and data professionals. They can focus on their profession.

We offer performance based pricing. Contact us for more information.